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[ga] Re: [IDNO-DISCUSS] icann.edleman.19990819 / Access to ICANN Santiago real video feed (fwd)

Sunday, August 22, 1999, 3:04:17 AM, Planet Communications Computing Facility <pccf@bigbird.earth-net.net> wrote:

> Hello:

> The information posted here respects ICANN policies on real video
> transmissions.  Were inviting individuals to contact us privately if they
> should have any concerns respecting the ICANN's position on video feeds.

> http://www.pccf.net/correspondence/icann/19990819-edelman-icann.html

I have no trouble with this statement from Ben.  His concerns and
reasons are most reasonable.

We must be careful not to criticize, or imply criticism solely for the
purpose of criticizing, or finding every little detail to criticize,
and instead ask ourselves if a particular point is really so
important to warrant that kind of a protest, lest one loses their
credibility by being nothing but a naysayer.

I for one am satisfied with the work and effort, not to mention the
integrity, of Ben and the others from the Berkman Center who have made
remote participation available, and see no reason for this particular
issue to be a point of contention.

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