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[ga] What did Magaziner envision as the source of ICANN funding?


ICANN Gets Financial Boost  August 20, 1999
By Elizabeth Clampet
InternetNews.com Assistant Editor  Business News Archives  

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers is fighting a large debt
and reportedly has called on a few big name companies to defray some of its

The domain name group will announce at next week's meeting in Santiago,
Chile that it has secured enough funds, reportedly from MCI Worldcom and
IBM, to keep from going broke, according to MSNBC. The value of the loan is
approximately $1 million. 

ICANN has been plagued with financial troubles since its inception. The
non-profit organization is overseen by the Department of Commerce, yet
relies primarily on private donations. Testifying before the House Commerce
Committee on July 22nd, Mike Roberts, ICANN's interim president and CEO,
said that ICANN was $800,000 in debt. 

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