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RE: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile

Srikanth Narra wrote:
> For overwhelming majority of world population bandwidth and even basic
> connectivity to net is a huge issue and yet they have stake 
> in the internet.
> <snip>
> Unlike in West where internet is at fingertip reach 24 hours 
> 365 days. For
> quite a few of us in India its more like a movie going 
> experence. Going to a
> cafe and check email / download / browse, etc once a week or so. Or if
> staying a small town - once a month head to the city and the 
> internet cafe
> to reply or browse. Have net connection to people thru emails 
> - read over
> phone / faxed or delivered. 
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> Its a whole new culturenet  - not same as your internet. :)

I think we should think a little bit more over this message.
I wonder whether the points on which we are debating are of any importance
in comparison with the problem of providing better access to all potential
netizen to the Net.

I am more sensible to these kind of issues, also because in my new job I am
less concerned about "Internet Governance", but much more worried about the
poor connectivity we have versus remote locations.

It is true that this kind of problem is outside the charter of ICANN and its
SOs, but is nevertheless frustrating to see how little it is addressed. But
I am assuming that, given also the specific reality of LatinAmerica, this
issue will be part of the "informal" discussions (at the bar?), if not of
the official Agenda.