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[ga] Tentative Agenda, General Assembly Meeting, Santiago, Chile, FACEA, Aug, 24, 14:00-20:00

Dear All, 
A tentative agenda for the meeting and the minutes of the last informal GA discussion meeting are attached.
There will also be a webcast for those not able to be physically present at the GA meeting. Interested remote participants should go to
<http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/santiago> shortly before the start of
the meeting.  The live audio and video feeds will require the RealPlayer 5.0
or later and a 14.4 Kbps or faster connection.  The realtime chat will
require a JAVA-capable browser (IE or Netscape 3.0 or later) or a separate
IRC client. 

DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda

Date: 1999.8.24 14:00 - 19:00
Place:  FACEA, Santiago, Chile

14:00 DNSO management/administration
(Objective: Confirmation of Berlin GA meeting minutes, Discussion of GA chair such as the term (one term, or until nov. 1999, or other)
Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair

14:15 Update from the ICANN Board
(Objective: an update on the ICANN Board)
Responsible: ICANN
14:30 Update from the provisional Names Council
(Objective: a progress report on the proposals for the administration
of the DNSO)
Responsible: NC Chair 

15:00 Report from the Recognized, and Emerging  DNSO Constituency Meetings
(Objective: to provide the General Assembly with a understanding of
each DNSO Constituency, its membership, its priority issues, etc. To
provide a report on the Constituency elections to the Names Council
(electorate, voting procedures, etc.))
Responsible: Constituency Reps 

16:00 Review of Working Groups
Working Groups established by the Interim Names Council
Working Groups proposed at public informal meeting held after Berlin
DNSO General Assembly
(Objective: to scope the current work of the DNSO and to establish
who is already involved and working on the issues identified. To
identify current working group leaders and members.)
Responsible: Working Group Co-Chairs 

17:00 ICANN Board Member Nomination Issue
WG-D Report, The Schedule for Elections to the ICANN Board
Responsible: WG-D Co-Chairs, ICANN

18:00 Strengthening Relationship between Names Council and General Assembly
(Objective: Identify opportunities to increase communication,
effectiveness of the General Assembly) 
Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair

18:30 Break 
19:00 Open Discussion
Responsible: GA Chair 

20:00 Close
Scribe: Fay Howard, CENTR

Informal DNSO meeting

Maritim Hotel, Berlin

27/5/99, 9.00 - 11.00,

Participants: See list below

(All proposed initially constituencies were represented other than gTLDs)

1. Introduction

This meeting, hosted by CENTR and chaired by Dennis Jennings was open to

anyone interested in participating in the General Assembly of the DNSO.

The purpose being to have informal discussion on ways to progress the

establishment of the General Assembly, to identify potential work items and to create

a structure and agenda for the next General Assembly meeting in Santiago,

24-26 August 1999.

2. Communication

It was pointed out that the ICANN bylaws do not specify who chairs the DNSO and how often they meet but it was felt that physical meetings cannot be too regular due to cost of travel. A good system of Email posting and a Web site is required.

AFNIC volunteered to run a DNSO Web site for the time being with links to all

constituency sites for liaison for cross-constituency liaison. It is hoped to be able to have the site available in a number of languages and volunteers are sought to mirror the Website in their own language.

Any recommendations or work items can be announced and placed on the DNSO Website for review of all constituencies and GA members.

Elisabeth Porteneuve of AFNIC is to liaise with Armada Abril regarding use of DNSO.org domain name for this purpose.

Mailing lists will also need to be established which AFNIC will also facilitate. Members list subscribe:

3. Work Items for the DNSO

Those present were asked to suggest potential work items for the DNSO. In order that important issues could be addressed quickly, volunteers were requested to become the focal point for any wishing to contribute work or ideas on the issues identified. It was stressed that the list was not exhaustive but would help to initiate work and of which progress could be reported at the next General Assembly of the DNSO in Chile.

The issues and the focal point with whom others interested in contributing can communicate were:

WIPO recommendations: Jonathan Cohen <jcohen@igs.net>

DNSO Communications: Elisabeth Porteneuve <Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr>

GAC & GAC liaison : Jim Higgins <jhiggins@netedge.co.nz>

(As the GAC communique effects the DNSO it was felt that it should be passed to the DNSO for comment and the DNSO recommendations on the issues addressed)

Registry/registrar issues: Bill Semich <bill@mail.nic.nu>

Bylaws: Bill Semich <bill@mail.nic.nu>

Jon Englund <jenglund@itaa.org>

New TLDs: Simon Perry <simon.perry@idr.co.uk>

Outreach and DNSO awareness: Jorek Kamel <tkamel.idsc.gov.eg>

Global diversity: Kilnam Chon <chon@cosmos.kaist.ac.kr>

Security/stability of the root server/Y2k:Osten Franberg <osten.franberg@lme.ericsson.se>

Definition of constituencies: John Lewis <john.c.lewis@bt.com>

Business plan fro DNSO: Javier Sola <jsola@aui.es>

DNSO Work processes: Antony van Couvering <avc@interport.net>

Liaison with other SOs: Roberto Gaetano <roberto.gaetano@etsi.fr>

ccTLD contracts: CENTR (Fay) already facilitate a work group lead by Marcel Schneider of SWITCH (.CH) <c-wg@centr.org>

Fay Howard agreed to circulate this information widely to ensure that as any interested party has the chance to contribute to the work on the items identified.

Elisabeth Porteneuve will publish the list of contact points for each work item on the DNSO.org Website as soon as the technical aspects of the transfer are complete (no later than 11/6)

Those volunteering to act as points of contact for work items we asked to generate a brief progress report in good time for the next DNSO General Assembly which will take place 8/99.

3. Next DNSO General Assembly

Schedule: Next public ICANN meetings take place in Santiago, Chile, 24-26 August

DNSO General Assembly will take place at this event and a mechanism is required to create an agenda to ensure a structure for getting work done.

Those volunteering to act as points of contact for work items were asked to generate a brief progress report by 14 July (6 weeks before the meeting). At this time, a call for additional agenda items can be issued giving 2 weeks for input before announcing a draft agenda on 28 July (4 weeks before the meeting).

4. Other issues discussed

Some expressed the opinion that it was necessary to get the Names Council, and elected representatives, established as soon as possible. It was understood that the ICANN board were likely to announce approval of the first constituencies later that morning, possibly on an interim basis until elections could be held by all constituencies.

It was suggested that a first full Names Council meeting be held in Los Angeles in conjunction with ICANN events to be held there in November 1999.

Meeting Closed

Attendees (Name and constituency, if applicable)

Note: cc= Country Code TLD Constituency

ISP = ISP Constituency

B = Business Constituency

IP = Intellectual Property Constituency

R = Registrar Constituency

DennisJennings, cc (Meeting Chair)

Fay Howard, cc (Scribe)

Robert Hall, cc, ISP

Osten Franberg, cc

YounJung Park, cc

Kilnam Chon, cc

Bill Semich, cc

Antony Van Couvering, cc

Nigel Roberts, cc

Jim Higgins, cc

Peter Dengate Thrush, cc

Nii Quaynor, cc, ISP, B

Oscar Robles, cc

German Valdez, cc

Ted Shapiro, IP

Jon Englund, B

Joop Teerustra, Individuals

John Lewis, B and ISP

Mark Foster, Public Observer

Debra Kelly, Public Observer

Robert Poulin, Public Observer

Barbara Dooley, ISP

Hal Carroll, cc

Paul Kane, cc

Simon Perry, R

Bill Washburn, B

Jorek Kamel, Non-Commercial

Toshi Tsubo, cc

Javier Sola, cc

Per Kolle, cc

Jonathan Cohen, IP

Roberto Gaetano, Non-Commercial

Maya Bottin, Non-Commercial

Hirofumi Hotta, ISP

Asami Nagao, ISP

Makiko Matsumaru, cc

Agnes Lec, cc

Michael Sondow, Non-Commercial

Ramesh Nadarajah, cc

Joan McGivern, IP

Susan Anthony, IP

Demi Getschko, cc

Carsten Schiefner, cc

William Joiner, cc

Ebrima Bandeh, cc

Marilyn Cade, IP, B, ISP, R

Edmundo Valents, ISP, B

Siegfried Langenback, ISP

Yumi Ohashi, cc

Naomasa Maruyama, cc

Robert F Connelly, ISP

Kuo-Wei Wu, cc

Amadea Aprify April, ISP

Joelle Freundlich, ISP,B

Jardi Himojosa, ISP

Jean Michel Becar