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Re: [ga] Petition for Reconsideration before ICANN - [AttentionKathy and Eri...

Then we are in agreement that the WIPO/WG-A proposals Should Not Be Adopted  
In Their  Full Form By ICANN In Santiago!

Can someone write this up for the GA and post it to the UDRP*?    Without 
comments, and particularly from the GA -- and the IDNO -- this WILL pass.

(In fact, WIPO is counting on its passage and has already met with registrars 
here in DC to work on how to implement these not-yet-adopted proposals.)

Can we stop this train? 

Kathryn Kleiman
*(uniform dispute resolution policy -- a euphamism for mandatory arbitration 
that binds domain name owners and not trademark owners)
>    I agree completely with you here Kathy as I believe most small eBusiness
>  people do or would if they were aware.
>    My only difference with Kathy here is that I believe that the WIPO Ch.3
>  Cybersquatting/Mandatory Arbitration procedures back to DNSO GA
>  for consideration rather than the NC or pNC in this case.  This issue
>  is to broad reaching for just the "NC" or the pNC to make a determination
>  or final decision on...