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RE: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile

Antony Van Couvering wrote:

>1. Therefore, I
>believe that it would be a great idea to move from email only to email PLUS
>online synchronous typed "chat" sessions, where a chair would recognize
>"speakers" and Robert's Rules or similar would apply.  All "meetings",
>either of working groups or of the Names Council, or of the GA, would happen
>in this way.  This should be coupled with voting software (not that hard),
>so that decisions can be taken at these meetings.

This idea has tremendous merit, and I'd like to expand on the proposal.
Replace the board meeting at some exotic locale with several simultaneous
town meetings, where, in addition to chats, people are tuned in to the
meeting perhaps through videoconferencing.  Since there's a compelling
desire to have geographic diversity, why not have the board members
distributed  in various spots around the globe, absorbing the input from
those in the local area, not just those who can have deep pockets through
employers and businesses and can afford plane fares and time away from

It would be wonderful if various educational institutions could sponsor
such meetings; they are most likely to have the space, hardware and other
logistical needs to accomplish that.  It's a pity, however, that they have
no representation in the decisions made by the DNSO and that they are not
seen as a sufficiently definable group to merit their own constituency.
That's just one of the problems of this gerrymandered constituency

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