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Re: [ga] Petition for Reconsideration before ICANN

I remain very concerned about individuals -- and have supported your efforts 
in Berlin and since.  However, the NCDNHC has occupied 110 percent of my 
attention -- as I assume the IDNO organization has occupied yours.

But now is a moment to work together.  The WIPO proposals hit individuals as 
hard or harder than they hit noncommercial organizations.  Will IDNO go on 
record and ask ICANN to send the WIPO Ch.3 Cybersquatting/Mandatory 
Arbitration procedures back to DNSO for consideration by a 
fully-representative Names Council -

one with the NCDNHC, the IDNO, and an active GA?

Kathryn Kleiman

>  In Berlin you were of the opinion that the Individuals needed their own
>  constituency in the DNSO.
>  I even quoted your argumentation to try to persuade the Board to recognize 
> us.