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RE: [ga] Petition for Reconsideration before ICANN


There is substancial similarity in positions NCDNHC and IDNO have taken in
regards to issues at hand at this juncture and rightfully so.

The main difference I see is NCDNHC advocates for interests of
Non-commerical constituents and IDNO for individual domain name holders.
Both organisations seem to be doing pretty decent job - evolving and
maturing. This can only be for good and benefit of the large internet

As authorized spokespersons on behalf of both your constitencies at Santiago
meet (and as two very decent net personalities) - It will be great to see
both of you co-ordinate, act in sync with eachother where common goals are
concerned. And with courtesy and mutual respect for your different charters.


Ps:- In interest of transperancy - regarding myself - I am a Individual
Domain Name Owner - currently having the honor of being elected and serving
on IDNO's initial steering committee. I had, in past, had the good fortune
of interacting (and helped by) DNRC and Kathryn.