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RE: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile


You wrote:
> On the Internet, the only way this will work is by using 
> online methods, and
> by getting some new voices in the chorus to leaven out the repetitive
> cacophony we've become used to.

Any ideas?

You just said few lines earlier that there is little public interest in
ICANN outside the couple of hundreds people who are constituting the
"repetitive cacophony".

I would like to see more interest, and a wider spectrum of ideas,
participants, "constituencies", but this is what we have.
I believe that we should deal with the current constraints, and go ahead,
with a mix of F2F meetings (where the few fortunate that can attend have the
chance to dig more into the issues) and E-mail, where everybody gets the
chance to voice his/her opinion.

In terms of decision making, I agree that the decisions should be taken
I am obviously speaking of the decisions that have to be taken by the GA,
because for the decisions to be taken by the Council the Council itself
should determine its way of operating.