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Re: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement.

Jeff Mason wrote:
>I understand your fear of hats.  If we imagine the chairman of the GAC
>open meeting confronted by a sea of funny hats, it would be the worst
>terror any civil servant can face.  I gurantee you that if that was the
>case - toonies prverbials would be cooked ;-), and so would ICANN's.
>The solution to this protest would be that ICANN listen to the protestors.
>Please understand - our own position in this not as a protesting entity,
>but a helpful hand in resolving contraversy.

Could you please explain again what you are protesting, as I must have
missed that, or are your just enamored of the idea of wearing funny hats.

In terms of ICANN's brief history, you might not be aware that last
January, I launched the Grey Ribbon Campaign to protest ICANN's closed
board meetings.  The ribbon is a common form of protest, and the grey color
represented the call to bring ICANN out of the shadows.  I posted an icon
<http://www.domainhandbook.com/icannt.html> and urged people to add this
symbol to their websites.  I listed the names of those who wrote me that
they had done so on the webpage, accompanying a press release.  I also made
several dozen two-inch ribbons to be worn during the open forum preceeding
the closed board meetings, to serve as a visible reminder of our complaint.

I would like to believe that this very focused grey ribbon protest
contributed to the DOC's instruction to ICANN last month to immediately
open its board meetings.  Targeted and appropriate adverse PR certainly can
make a difference.

However, if you just want to spice up the meetings, simply streaking across
the stage would accomplish that goal.  Just streak, naked, and I guarantee
you will have a meeting that everyone will talk about!  But it's unlikely
to affect the rapidly unfolding events and ICANN's aggressive timescale.

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