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Re: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement. (safe to ignore)

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, John Charles Broomfield wrote:

> Generally "<plonk!>" is translated as "I think you are stupid beyond words,
> reading you is a complete waste of time and you have just made it into my
> email kill-file, which will save me from wasting further time with you", but
> it's a bit more polite in so far as it is rather a personal statement as to
> ones feelings of the other, without actually insulting him too much, while
> at the same time informing him that he needn't reply, because his message
> will go to /dev/null.

excellent - Randy's censoring himself. excellent stuff.  I'm a firm
supporter of self censorship.  I knew my faith in Randy was well

> Having children may help understand the statement, but to get there you have
> to manage to get past the stage of being "<plonk!>-ed" by the member of the
> opposite sex with whom you wish to have children.

hmmm!  A multipurpose word, meaning nothing resulting in less.

> It could also mean that he does not wish to have children with you.

Well, I'm glad randy figured it out.  That sort of thing is not to be.  I
don't know how he got that idea, but I feel confident were now moving in
the right direction.

Jeff Mason

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