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RE: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile

Jean-Michel Becar wrote,

+I would like to say that it will be hard to handle the discussion of the GA
+Chairman in 15 minutes as I think that many people will make noise about
+that, "the GA Does not exist so we can't nominate a Chairman", or
+"the NC is just a permanent and non elected", "ICANN is not legitime"
+know all that kind of stuff, so I remenber that Javier suggest we discuss
+and nomitate the GA Chairman on the ga mailing list so may be we
+will gain a bunch of time doing that instead of in a meeting room. What do
+think about that?

¿What do I think?  Personally I believe that for ICANN *nothing* should be
done officially in face-to-face meetings - if it didn't happen
electronically, I don't think it should count.

Otherwise we end up with what indeed we have now: a bunch of rich people -
overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly men, overwhelmingly American and
European - who think that because they have the means to to fly hither and
yon, the world should pay attention to their repetitive pontifications and
Napoleonic egos.   When after running down a list of their names one
realizes that their money is often their *only* qualification, the benefits
of wider participation are obvious.

Unfortunately, public interest in ICANN is so appallingly marginal that the
electronic-only  participants tend to be those with a particular axe to
grind, and even they tend to be white European and American men, just
poorer.  Thus ICANN consists almost entirely of two groups: entrenched
business interests and their bland representatives on the one side, and a
disparate group on the other, which pushes for "justice" and
"representation" but cannot field a coherent philosophy, let alone any
coherent representatives.  What is more, these latter are under constant
threat of being co-opted by the business interests, who have what they
need - money.   There really isn't anyone else.  Let's just the ICANN
outreach sucks.  ICANN can't even get very many members of the Internet
Society interested, and they should be low-hanging fruit.

Oh, yeah, how could I forget?  There are also about five guys with beards
who represent the "old" Internet.

Add to this the fact that ICANN has given no place to ideas, rationality,
logic, solutions.  These qualities are not rewarded.  Solutions in the ICANN
world are nothing more than political accomodations.  ICANN is almost
entirely a political animal, which is not surprising given that it was
designed by our poll-driven administration.  As such, it will run the usual
course of political institutions over the last 200 years - there will be
increasing calls for enfranchisement of those affected by its policies, and
ICANN will either accede to and embrace those calls, or it will die.

On the Internet, the only way this will work is by using online methods, and
by getting some new voices in the chorus to leaven out the repetitive
cacophony we've become used to.  These face-to-face meetings are a mechanism
for exclusion and an excuse to delay implementing online methods of voting.
Eventually we will get there, hopefully before we have wreaked too much


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+Subject: RE: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile
+I fully support this agenda.
+BTW I think it will be hard to finish at 7:00pm.
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+Subject: [ga] Agenda for GA meeting in Santiago, Chile
+Dear Assembly,
+The proposed agenda for the GA meeting in Santiago, Chile is as attached.
+Some dissenting opinion has been expressed on
+1. whether or not we need a separate agenda item for nomination
+2. whether or not we need an item for dnso administration
+Please, let us have your comments since we are quite late in finalizing the
+DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda
+Date: 1999.8.24 14:00 - 19:00
+Place:  FACEA, Santiago, Chile
+14:00 DNSO management/administration
+(Objective: Discussion of GA chair such as the term (one term, or
+until nov. 1999, or other)
+14:15 Update from the ICANN Board
+(Objective: an update on the ICANN Board)
+14:30 Update from the provisional Names Council
+(Objective: a progress report on the proposals for the administration
+of the DNSO)
+15:00 Report from the Recognized, and Emerging  DNSO Constituency Meetings
+(Objective: to provide the General Assembly with a understanding of
+each DNSO Constituency, its membership, its priority issues, etc. To
+provide a report on the Constituency elections to the Names Council
+(electorate, voting procedures, etc.))
+16:00 Review of Working Groups
+Working Groups established by the Interim Names Council
+Working Groups proposed at public informal meeting held after Berlin
+DNSO General Assembly
+(Objective: to scope the current work of the DNSO and to establish
+who is already involved and working on the issues identified. To
+identify current working group leaders and members.)
+17:00 ICANN Board Member Nomination Issue
+WG-D Report
+17:30 Strengthening Relationship between Names Concil and General Assembly
+(Objective: Identify opportunities to increase communication,
+effectiveness of the General Assembly)
+18:00 Open Discussion
+19:00 Close