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RE: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement.

Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:
> I understand your fear of hats.  If we imagine the chairman of the GAC
> open meeting confronted by a sea of funny hats, it would be the worst
> terror any civil servant can face.  I gurantee you that if 
> that was the
> case - toonies prverbials would be cooked ;-), and so would ICANN's.

Indeed, if there will be "a sea of funny hats", the situation would be
embarassing for ICANN.
OTOH, if there are only half a dozen hats, the situation will be embarassing
for those wearing them, and (let me agree with Randy) for those that are
trying to get some points across using different methods.

I personally have the impression that the second case is far more likely
than the first one (but I may stand corrected next week - I'll check the