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Re: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement.

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, David R. Conrad wrote:

> Oh, sorry.  I thought the point in having a meeting was to get work
> done, not see who gets the most press coverage.

Of course, and I assure you hats - however funny - will not get in the way
of business.  Fashion statements impact the visual and will not affect the
audio signal.

> > > The only thing discredited by inane and childish "protests" are the
> > > protestors.
> > Any public relations firm worth it's salt would disagree.  
> And, of course, what a public relations firm thinks is what is
> important.

I would hope so, PR is very important.  Most of the news these days is one
form of PR is not another.  And I'm very happy to say that ICANN knows the
value of PR, they got themselves some of that.  So please, let's not
riddicule a vital profession essential to 20th century communications.

> I stand by my statement and will comment no further.

ok, and thank you for the comments - always appreciated.

Jeff Mason

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