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Re: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement.

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, David R. Conrad wrote:

> > One can make a fashion statement while discrediting the process.  
> The only thing discredited by inane and childish "protests" are the
> protestors.

Any public relations firm worth it's salt would disagree.  The action of
perfectly normal, well versed individuals wearing funny hats would really
drive the point home that things are not well.  Not our opinion, but
certainly a reflection of what we see here.

If people are serious about giving ICANN a serious black eye, and I think
that's the case, then I advocate the funny hate approach.  I assure you
and baptista assures you that Donald Duck head gear makes a very
appropriate statement to any politician monitoring the proceedings.

And don't forget the press coverage.  It's hard to find good family
programming that entertaining and a current affair event.

> > Problem is if these conferences are an
> > example of conduct, not many people are acting nice.  
> And your solution is to encourage people to act stupid?  "Interesting"
> logic.

Logic?  Logic and civil protest are not classmates.  Neither is politics
and logic, if you want to press the issue.  This is PR or what is known in
the US political trade as a good "side show" that affects a statement.
Logic?  Let's not get confused - this is marketing - and I guarantee hats
will make the party - and the masses will always come to a party.

> Again, it might be a bit more productive for people to act like adults.

As we have said - we agree - but failing that, I'd go with the donald duck
head gear.

Jeff Mason

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