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[ga] Re: [council] Public Archive of Names Council Email?

Hello Elisabeth;

I am confused by your answer (but I am not "hysterical" <smile>.) 

There are no more Names Council teleconferences planned between now and
Santiago, so making the Names Council emails public would not reveal any
telecon phone numbers to unauthorized persons.

What I am requesting is that, as the Names Council unanimously decided
during its teleconference on July 12, all its email discussions (not
teleconference discussions) be archived on the DNSO Web site for review by
the public. This should be done before the meeting in Santiago, and before
the newly elected ccTLD Names Council Members arrive in Santiago. 

I am surprised to learn that there is no existing "archive" of all that
email somewhere among us all. I would expect that both Fay and I have
copies of all the email discussion that took place since we became members,
and that Javier (if not yourself) would have copies of all earlier
discussions. If no central archive is yet being kept, it is most important
that such be started immediately, for auditing purposes if for no other
reason. This was one important reason for the Names council vote to start
archiving the email discussions. With more and more new Names Council
members being elected, it is important for them to have access to the
discussions that took place during the NC's earlier periods.

Plus, there is really no reason *not* to put the material up before Santiago.

Could you please do that, or would it be better for one of us to do it on a
different Web Site, say the ccTLD Constituency Web Site, just to get it in
the public record?

Or, to make it even simpler, we could merely forward all those emails to
the GA list.


Bill Semich

At 07:26 PM 8/16/99 +0200, Elisabeth PORTENEUVE wrote:
>> Bonjour Elisabeth;
>> I am wondering what the status is of the pubic Web archive at www.dnso.org
>> of the Names Council's email communications over the past several months?
>> This was unanimously agreed to during the July 12 teleconference, see the
>> minutes, "b.The traffic on the list will be archived and publicly available
>> as on the other lists."
>==> Bonjour Bill,
>    The minutes of July 12 teleconference were published on August 2.
>    It is indeed stated what you mention.
>    I pointed out some difficulties, mainly that a channel is needed
>    for communication on logistical matters.
>    I do not know how to solve the incompatibility between
>    public archives and some logistical matters (like telecon 
>    access code), therefore I expect the next NC in Santiago 
>    or the WG-D to provide me some guidance how to accomodate both.
>    I archived the vote of the NC concerning the WG-A,
>    and announced it to ga and announce.
>    I do not have historical record (archives) of council list,
>    the decision of making it or not do not belong to the secretariat.
>    BTW I do not know what you mean by historical (my English errors
>    are too miserable to be historical :-).
>    But all NC telecon were recorded by Berkman center, and those archives
>    are open for everybody, not only the NC.
>    Looking forward for Santiago meetings.
>    Elisabeth