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[ga] RE: icann real server at eastwood-b.prognet.com

As of 12:40 Pacific time, I'm assured that the server in question is back in

For those interested in the cause of the failure, I'm including the
diagnosis I received from our contact at Real:

"We're installing a RAID V system on Eastwood which will provide redundant
backup capability and hot swapping in case of drive failure. To support the
new RAID system, we needed to install a new Linux kernel. The kernel that
was compiled and installed on Wednesday was missing support for IP
aliasing. Without that support, Eastwood's secondary IP number which maps
to "eastwood-b" did not function. Without eastwood-b, the 5.0 server died
and could not be rebooted. The exact time of the failure was 2:34 p.m.
Pacific time on 8/11."

Jeff, thanks again for bringing this to our attention.  Sorry to all for the

Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Harvard Law School