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RE: [ga] RE: Non cross-posting rule is reinforced on the dnso.org


> <Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie> wrote:
> > This is outrageous.
> > This rule means that I cannot copy my ccTLD Constituency 
> with messages I send to the DNSO General Assembly.

In fact I thought you could, by putting To:GA and CC:ccTLD.
In fact, the ccTLDs are called like this because they get the mail as CC:

But even if, let me tell you that I like this rule. It has somewhat reduced
my receiving mpx messages for the same thing, with separate threads for
answers, bouncing back messages when I reply to mpx lists, and so on.
What's wrong in answering to GA, and taking your E-Mail in the sent folder
and FW to whomever you want (specifying in the original that you do so, to
be 100% ethically correct)?


William Walsh wrote:
> The "powers that be" inside the self appointed leadership of the DNSO
> don't want their laundry aired out in public.  They prefer to have the
> most restrictive set of rules possible, and only give the most cursory
> nod to "public and open processes."

The "powers that be" could never prevent you from forwarding any GA message
to whatever list you like and/or see fit. Jeff Williams does this all the
time, and it works.