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Re: [ga] RE: Non cross-posting rule is reinforced on the dnso.org

DNSO Listadmin wrote:
> >
> > This is outrageous.
> >
> > This rule means that I cannot copy my ccTLD Constituency with messages I send to the DNSO General Assembly.
> >
> > Please substitute a more sophisticated rule - and remove this restriction.
> >

Independently of the fact that you could or could not, you shouldn't.
No matter what is the intention at first sight, it always ends up the
same way: croos posting always lead to croos replying...

Indeed you are free to send your mails to any list you want. As I
understand that "frwarding" messages is perhaps too burdersome,
perhaps using bcc could be an alternative.

Nut I personnally will support the Lisadmin in preventing the
proliferation of cross postings. Tp any list.

Best regards,