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Re: [ga] RE: Non cross-posting rule is reinforced on the dnso.org

Friday, August 13, 1999, 4:52:17 AM, DNSO Listadmin <DNSO.Listadmin@dnso.org> wrote:

>> This is outrageous.
>> This rule means that I cannot copy my ccTLD Constituency with messages I send to the DNSO General Assembly.
>> Please substitute a more sophisticated rule - and remove this restriction.
>> Dennis
==>> This is few month best practice to avoid spams.
>     Some people put into CC and To as many lists as they can, request
>     answers, or votes, and all it ends up with a huge files
>     of bounced postings from people being not subscribers to 
>     any dnso.org list. Then human ressouces and time are necessary
>     to answer other complains.

>     As you are member of both lists, you may sent two identical
>     messages, each only to one list.

>     Hope you will understand.
>     DNSO Listadmin

I rest my case.

BTW, placing the other lists in the BCC field and just leaving the
ga@dnso.org address in the TO field gets around this silly restriction
and doesn't make you go through the hassle of having to send multiple

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