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[ga] RE: Non cross-posting rule is reinforced on the dnso.org

> This is outrageous.
> This rule means that I cannot copy my ccTLD Constituency with messages I send to the DNSO General Assembly.
> Please substitute a more sophisticated rule - and remove this restriction.
> Dennis
==> This is few month best practice to avoid spams.
    Some people put into CC and To as many lists as they can, request
    answers, or votes, and all it ends up with a huge files
    of bounced postings from people being not subscribers to 
    any dnso.org list. Then human ressouces and time are necessary
    to answer other complains.

    As you are member of both lists, you may sent two identical
    messages, each only to one list.

    Hope you will understand.
    DNSO Listadmin