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Re: [ga] DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda

On Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 12:46:16PM -0400, Bret Fausett wrote:
> Janier's point assumes that a nomination is simply someone saying to the 
> Names Council, "please consider X." I think a nomination ought to have a 
> second and also some critical, but not large, number of supporters (5-10) 
> behind it. This would ensure that nominees had real support among some 
> members of the GA.

Not really.  The 20 odd NC members could nominate from themselves, second 
themselves, and provide the 5-10 members in support.  Moreover, NC 
members are selected from the constituencies, and any constituency can 
provide sufficient GA members to nominate whomever and support that 

Nominating director candidates is not in the bylaws as a way of giving
power to the GA.  It should be thought of as a procedural mechanism,
nothing more.  The ultimate source of directors from the DNSO is really
the constituencies, not the GA. 

Bear in mind that every member of the GA can be part of the membership 
of ICANN, and can thus elect half the directors.

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