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Re: [ga] DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda

this is DISCUSSION on "how to elect ICANN Board members from DNSO", in
particular the nomination phase of the election.  it is more of consensus
development on the election/nomination procedure including public relation
effort since this is the FIRST time we are going through the election.

hope somebody to come up with nice brochure to explain the election process
including possible time schedule.  Andrew McLaughlin, would you volunteer?


On Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 04:57:58PM +0200, Javier wrote:
> At 10:22 11/08/99 +0900, Kilnam Chon wrote:
> >here is the revised agenda for Santiago General Assembly.
> >due to shortage of time, there may not be coffee break, and the meeting
> >will extend beyond 17:30 on general discussion.
> .....
> >14:30 ICANN Board Member Nomination from DNSO General Assembly
> >(Objective: discussion on nomination of ICANN Board members in september-
> > october 1999, followed by election by Names Council in late October)
> I am not sure this is necessary. I assume that any member of the General
> Assembly can nominate somebody for the ICANN Board. This can be done
> electronically.
> Javier