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Re: [ga] DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda

>>here is the revised agenda for Santiago General Assembly.
>>due to shortage of time, there may not be coffee break, and the meeting
>>will extend beyond 17:30 on general discussion.
>>14:30 ICANN Board Member Nomination from DNSO General Assembly
>>(Objective: discussion on nomination of ICANN Board members in september-
>> october 1999, followed by election by Names Council in late October)
>I am not sure this is necessary. I assume that any member of the General
>Assembly can nominate somebody for the ICANN Board. This can be done

Janier's point assumes that a nomination is simply someone saying to the 
Names Council, "please consider X." I think a nomination ought to have a 
second and also some critical, but not large, number of supporters (5-10) 
behind it. This would ensure that nominees had real support among some 
members of the GA.

    -- Bret