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RE: [ga] NC violations of ICANN charters

Antony, Kent,

Antony Van Couvering wrote:
> Kent Crispin wrote,
> +One could amend the bylaws to state that the GA shall elect 3 NC
> +members.
> I think this is an excellent idea.  I would favor it even 
> more if it were
> reserved to those who had joined no other constituency.

May I disagree with you.
I prefer to have a constituency for Individual DN Holders, and let the GA
what it is, a forum for ideas with no restriction.

The difference may be subtle, but important: the moment you set up a voting
system (like the one that will choose the reps to the NC, you need to get
into the whole mess of certification of identity, as for a membership. This
will not be appropriate for the GA, but perfectly reasonable for a
Constituency, that will have to set up its own rules for membership (and
verification thereof).

I confess I still don't understand why we are trying to find complicated
ways to address a simple problem like participation of individuals to the
NC, when the creation of a specific constituency may solve all the problems.