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Re: [ga] new list please

Here is a good example of the sort of ignorance and lack of
intelligence and education which ICANN has drawn to itself. Where
else in the world would a person who writes and thinks like Randy
Bush have a chance to bother others with his inanities? Only in
ICANN, the last refuge of society's rejects: Sola, Bush, Maher,
Abril i Abril, and the rest of the clowns, being lead around the
circus tent by lion-tamer Roberts and Esther Dyson, the bare-back
rider and high-wire artist.

Guffaw-guffaw, Randy. You've won your laugh for the day, the popcorn
kids have stopped chewing to give you a round "hurrah!", and you can
go back to the side show with the rest of the ICANN freaks. Don't
forget to clean out the elephant pen before turning in.

Michael Sondow           I.C.I.I.U.     http://www.iciiu.org
Tel. (212)846-7482                        Fax: (603)754-8927

Randy Bush wrote:
> can we please have a new list created, say pc@dnso.org (for pissing
> contest), so there can be an appropriate place for those who want to
> discuss why (javier|michael|milton|...) hit mommy with the potty seat
> in 1948?  they seem to think that the adults here care, and they are
> quite wrong.  but in the tradition of fairness, they are entitled to
> a place to have their pissing contests.