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RE: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Kent Crispin wrote,

+If the GA were to have votes on the NC, it would have to
+self-organize.  This is precisely the problem that faced the PAB;
+personally, I think that all the structure that we developed in the
+PAB would fit perfectly in the GA, with almost no modification.
+And, in fact, the parallels with the PAB are quite striking, when
+you look at it.
+Would you like to run for Chair? :-)

Excellent... no, but I'll nominate you!  I don't know if you recall a
message of mine from about the time of the release of the White Paper,
bemoaning the fact that we'd have to do all this over again, and that we'd
end up back where we started from...

Yes, it's much like the PAB, except that people don't have to pledge
allegiance first.  Let's hope that it is not so studiously ignored.  Same
old fights...