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RE: [ga] new list please

I almost agree. But, ICANN not following its own rules and DNSO not
following some sort of due-process (WG-A?) is a serious issue. I think
that I heard you complain about this yourself.
I agree that we can live without the finger-pointing and wall-pissing
(BTW, I didn't see Milton in this one).

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 9:00 AM
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> Subject: [ga] new list please
> can we please have a new list created, say pc@dnso.org (for pissing
> contest), so there can be an appropriate place for those who want to
> discuss why (javier|michael|milton|...) hit mommy with the potty seat
> in 1948?  they seem to think that the adults here care, and they are
> quite wrong.  but in the tradition of fairness, they are entitled to
> a place to have their pissing contests.
> randy