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RE: [ga] NC violations of ICANN charters

Roberto Gaetano wrote,
+What I don't understand is why the GA should delegate the discussion to a
+different list. I agree with Javier (and I have the impression not being
+alone in this) that the GA discussion should be held in a mailing list that
+is chartered for this purpose, i.e. the ga@dnso.org list.
+The purpose of the IFWP list is a different one, i.e. general discussion on
+Internet matters, as related to the White Paper, of which the DNSO
+activities is only a part of.
+Of course, nothing prevents IFWP folks to join the GA list. And in fact I
+have the impression that there is more debate going on on the
+latter than on
+the former. So, where's the problem?

I'm with Roberto here.  The IFWP list is a different thing, with a different
history.  I for one really appreciate the cross-posting ban on this list.