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RE: [ga] NC violations of ICANN charters


In response - how about a few international mailing lists dealing with
aligned issues? How about international computing & information
associations, sites & lists? How about contacting major portals for banners
and links (I dare say some may provide for free). I mangaged to advertise
(by my standards poorly) a website 4 years ago better than this..

Mark Perkins
Librarian (acting)
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Library
BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia, South Pacific
Tel: 00 687 262000  Fax: 00 687 263818
email: markp@spc.org.nc / web: http://www.spc.org.nc

> Also, the NC
> makes no effort to draw public attention to the policy issues being
> considered (only 10 comments to WG-A), and they dismissively and
> rebuff all attempts to help the process become more open. At least, that
> the attitude of those who have bothered to communicate their reasoning at
> all.

Just curious where you think the publicity budget for "drawing 
public attention" would be?

> But for none of this, as Javier and others have so eloquently pointed out,
> can the Names Council be censured, because none of it violates a specific
> provision of the Bylaws.  That surely is the fault of the drafters of the
> Bylaws, and should be corrected by amendment (e.g., notices should be
> *prominently* displayed...).

Oh goody.  Then we can argue about how prominent is prominent.