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Re: [ga] NC violations of ICANN charters

> This doesn't address the main point being made here, which is that the
> NC has not initiated the process required in the by-laws by which the
> GA may elect its representatives.  The GA is not represented in the
> NC, and the NC can (and has) held up this process.  Furthermore, it's
> made no indication that it intends to proceed on this item.
==> My interpretation from Paris Draft meetings and from ICANN
    meetings in Singapore and Berlin is that:
       - the members of GA have to choose and join one constituency
         (I do not remember if overlapping problem was solved,
         so may be join one or more constituencies)
       - each constituency is represented in the NC

    The theory was that the Constituencies and Constituencies' members
    are GA, we are all together, but the GA may have from time to 
    time persons trying to set up a new constituency.
    Once we arrived into practical exercise, something which was not
    forseen happen: we have many not willing to be constituency members. 
    And a GA became a kind of political opposition (no offense intended)
    per se.
    How to solve this problem ?

    Elisabeth Porteneuve