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RE: [ga] problems with GAC site.


You wrote:
> It's not that easy or possible.  Like others have mentioned, when you
> follow the GAC links you end up no where via the DNSO site.  I in fact
> found the GAC site via the ICANN site.

In fact, the GAC is an ICANN committee, not a DNSO committee. For this
reason I assumed that to navigate via ICANN was the first choice.

> A major problem with these lists is that too many people 
> spend too much
> time insulting each other.  If people aren't calling Sola a 
> generalisimo
> their calling him a fag, and now you've started in on me.

If you felt insulted, I am sorry, it was not my intention.
I only have strong objections to your style of communicating, and I confirm
that I would use for my company somebody with a different style.

> We must pull up our briches and get over this personal sticks 
> and stones
> methodology of communicating.  It's completely unprofessional to make
> insults.

I agree. I admit I took the "hodgepoge of gosip mongers" related to the UN
as an insult. But from the tone of your answer I now assume that was not
your intention.

> In response to you insult Roberto I give you a hug and a 
> kiss.  I hope it
> makes you feel cozy and loved.

Thank you, even if the best way to feel cozy and loved, for me, is to stay
away from these debates and back in the "real" world, where the "real"
contact with other human beings (instead of E-Mail addresses) does the job.