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RE: [ga] problems with GAC site.

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

> Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:

> It's posible, it's posible.
> The natural reflex would be to go to the ICANN site, and follow the links to
> the GAC, and, surprise, here it is: http://www.noie.gov.au/docs/gac1.htm.

It's not that easy or possible.  Like others have mentioned, when you
follow the GAC links you end up no where via the DNSO site.  I in fact
found the GAC site via the ICANN site.

> All four the delegations you mention provided a Fax number, which is a good
> alternative for getting a message through.
> Of course, it's not suitable for spamming, but I don't think that was your
> intention.

Absolutely not.  We intend to send each and every one an email
communication of relevance to the committee.  We intend to solicit their
position on a matter of serious urgency to government.

> If I needed a perfessional communicator for my company, I would look for
> somebody that can find a Web site in the most obvious way, that knows the
> use of a Fax, and that refrains from making judgements of dubious taste on
> third parties.

A major problem with these lists is that too many people spend too much
time insulting each other.  If people aren't calling Sola a generalisimo
their calling him a fag, and now you've started in on me.

We must pull up our briches and get over this personal sticks and stones
methodology of communicating.  It's completely unprofessional to make

In response to you insult Roberto I give you a hug and a kiss.  I hope it
makes you feel cozy and loved.

> P.S.: BTW, the E-mail address of Mr. Toomey that you asked to the list was
> on the same Web page containing the accredited representatives.
> Hint: you had to look under "Paul Twomey" ;>)
> Thank you anyhow to allow some relax in a hot summer afternoon.

I found that.  What I needed was his address, which i found later and
people were also kind enought to forward it.

Jeff Mason

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