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RE: [ga] problems with GAC site.

Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:
> I  have a problem with the GAC site.  First off it's 
> imposible to find it.

It's posible, it's posible.
The natural reflex would be to go to the ICANN site, and follow the links to
the GAC, and, surprise, here it is: http://www.noie.gov.au/docs/gac1.htm.
> Now - don't these people have their own email addresses.  I 
> find it a bit
> unsettling that I have to communicate through diplomatic 
> missions in order
> to get our message across.

All four the delegations you mention provided a Fax number, which is a good
alternative for getting a message through.
Of course, it's not suitable for spamming, but I don't think that was your

  The UN is a hodgepoge of gosip 
> mongers and I
> think it more appropriate the information be maintained 
> within a closed
> loop in order to minimize embarrasement.
> I request the DNSO and ICANN correct this error in communications.
> As perfessional communicators we gurantee we'll get our point 
> across our
> only concern is that the exchange be painless.

If I needed a perfessional communicator for my company, I would look for
somebody that can find a Web site in the most obvious way, that knows the
use of a Fax, and that refrains from making judgements of dubious taste on
third parties.


P.S.: BTW, the E-mail address of Mr. Toomey that you asked to the list was
on the same Web page containing the accredited representatives.
Hint: you had to look under "Paul Twomey" ;>)
Thank you anyhow to allow some relax in a hot summer afternoon.