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Re: [ga] problems with GAC site.

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

> Jeff,
> There actually is a not too obvious link off ICANN's site
> to Twomey's site which says it's the GAC Secretariat location.
> However I've not seen a GAC membership list.  I'd be curious
> where you found it.


It's well hidden, but once you get there it pretty self explanatory.  It's
has the civil service easy to navigate feel to it which I appreciate.

> There is also no indication of email lists, archives of
> email, agendas for the upcoming meeting, draft documents.

It's all there.  Except for upcoming meetings - which are handled via
email and fax.  The site is mainly reporting after the fact events.

Jeff Mason

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