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Re: [ga] problems with GAC site.

At 08:55 AM 8/9/99 , Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:
I  have a problem with the GAC site.  First off it's imposible to find it.
Finally found it via some link at a university.  I was able to get details
on the GAC membership except for the following who do not have contact
email addresses:


There actually is a not too obvious link off ICANN's site
to Twomey's site which says it's the GAC Secretariat location.
However I've not seen a GAC membership list.  I'd be curious
where you found it.

It was alleged to have been derived from the ITU Plenipotentiary
Conference delegation list.

There is also no indication of email lists, archives of
email, agendas for the upcoming meeting, draft documents.