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[ga] problems with GAC site.

I  have a problem with the GAC site.  First off it's imposible to find it.
Finally found it via some link at a university.  I was able to get details
on the GAC membership except for the following who do not have contact
email addresses:

	GAC Representative Bangladesh
	Mr. S. ATM Badrul Hoque
	General Manager, Overseas       
	Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board

	GAC Representative Gambia
	The Permanent Secretary Department of State for Works
	Communications and Information
	The Republic of The Gambia      

	GAC Representative Mexico
	Mr. Antonio Garcia-Alonso       
	External Affairs Director       
	Telecommunications Ministry    

	GAC Representative Tuvalu
	The Hon. Otinielu T. Tausi
	Minister of Works, Energy & Communication     

I've managed a work around solution for the lack of email addresses.
Email communications for the Mexican and Gambia represented are being
rerouted by their permanent missions at the UN, who are currently trying
to look up these email addresses for me.  The Bangladesh reps email is
being forwarded via Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board, and Tuvalu
email is being handled by the British Commonwealth Office for Suva -
who have responsibilities for Tuvalu.

Now - don't these people have their own email addresses.  I find it a bit
unsettling that I have to communicate through diplomatic missions in order
to get our message across.  The UN is a hodgepoge of gosip mongers and I
think it more appropriate the information be maintained within a closed
loop in order to minimize embarrasement.

I request the DNSO and ICANN correct this error in communications.

As perfessional communicators we gurantee we'll get our point across our
only concern is that the exchange be painless.

Jeff Mason

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           pccf@bigbird.earth-net.net
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           1 (212) 894-3704 ext. 1033