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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair


At 15:56 8/08/99 +0200, Michael Froomkin wrote:
>I identified what I consider to be a rather serious error of fact -- the
>claim by Mr. Sola that the pNC has complied in every respect with the
>Mindful of the fact that despite hours of research on my part I might
>not be in full possession of the facts, that I might be ill-informed, I
>call for the person who made the statement to substantiate it in light
>of an alleged counter-example that I find credible. 

You, a lawyer, admit that you are accusing  people of a violation of which
you know nothing and of which you have no proof whatsoever. You just
imagine that there must be something you can accuse us of. 

In the movies at least they find a body... a smoking gun... something that
makes you think of a crime... 

Don't you think that this is highly unethical and biased (to say the least)?


P.D. You might consider this comment as "mean", but you should recognise
that you are the one making personal attacks based on thin air...