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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Raul Echeberria wrote:
> >WG A comprised members form each and every consituency (many of them, in
> fact)
> >except for the gTLD Consituency. Their choice, btw. They had not complained
> >abut it (how could ehty?) they have comented the drafts, they have taken part
> >in the vote and htey have submitted comnets and partially dissenting
> opinions.
> >All rahter regular, nearly boring.
> >
> >Oh, God, how difficlut must be spending the summer hunting for
> conspiracies ;-
> Amadeu:
> You are simplifying the problem with your last sentece.
> I'm not in any conspiracy and I think that the decision about the WG-A
> report should be reconsidered.