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[ga] Without sarcasm, this itme /was soemthing else)

Andy Gardner wrote:
> Amadeu,
> Considering you appear to hold quite a important position in the operation
> of ICANN, 

Pardon me???

Well, I am representing the Registrars constituency within the pNC. I tend to
read all ICANN-related mails. AAnd some times I tend to answer some threads.
Some people tend to listen to my views, andmany out there find themselves
systematically disagreeing with my statemnets. Some people seem to hate me,
while I have no official fan Club....

As fr as I know, I have no responsbility in operating ICANN.

your sarcastic, patronising and often demeaning comments towards
> those who happen to not agree with your viewpoint are not appreciated. In
> these circumstances I, quite frankly, find your attitude abhorrent.

Wait a minute. Sarcastic, yes sometimes. Patronising, I don't really think so.
Demeaning, well, it might happen. But not towards those who disagree with me.

In fact Alejandro was not disagreeing with me, or instance. He stated a fact
(more than an opinion) and I explained why this was not completly accurate in
my view. We have engaged no discussions about any "viewpoint" reagrding the
merits of WG A work or the `NC actions.

> I request that you treat those of us who are simply trying to ensure that
> the ICANN structure is quickly evolved to that which was originally
> envisaged, with the respect that we deserve.
We are all trying to do so, and I don't remember that I have ever treatd you
with any lack of respect whatsoever....

> I am sad that you consider opposing viewpoints as "list noise" that needs
> to be reduced. Unfortunatly, this appears to be the "norm" with those who
> have managed to gain control of ICANN and its functions.

The only reference to list noise I made was referred to my own postings. 

Best regards,

Amadeu, breaking again his self-imposed noise reduction measure ;-)))