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[ga] From facts to broken processes (was: Santiago Ga Chair)

Randy Bush wrote:
> > Perhaps you would remember my answer to your repaeated claim: as the WG A
> > had a rather mad short timeframe, and the nubmer of participants was not
> > that large, the Co-Chairs decided that no one should serve in more than
> > one sungroup. I proposed that, to be clear.
> javier,
> do not take this personally.  i happen to really like you.  but we can still
> disagree.

Ehem, "I" worte the fragment you qote above, not Javier.

> what is clear to many folk here, and will eventually be clear to you,
> amadeu, ... is that this forcing and railroading of process, no matter how
> well-meant or explainable, will just not work.  you can spend the time and
> effort up front to build consensus and support, or you can crash and burn
> later and have to go back and clean the whole mess up.  the former seems
> harder at first, but takes less total time in the long run.  and the latter
> leaves good folk like you and amadeu discouraged, burned out, ...
We cannot disagree on this kind of genaral statment. But please bear in mind
what I ahave written to you:: I simply made the point that it would be wrong
to imply form your mail that you were efused membership to either the WG A or
any subgroup for any other rreason than the one I stated: members were asked
to join only one subgroup. Period.

Besides that, I indulge in some probably unneeded irionies (not that nasty, I
hope),, But I insist that I am not that interested all-encompassings veiws of
the world. We were discussing facts.

> when the process is broken, you can fix it early or throw out the results
> later.  wg-a chose the latter path.

That's your legitimate opinion. The problem is perhaps that your idea about
how to fix broken processes and somebody else's idea might not be the same. I
tend to have my ideas, and also tend to bend to majority views on these kind
of problems. Even when I am not personally satisfied.

Best regards,

Amaeu, breaking his own rules on noise-reduction.