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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

>Alejandro Pisanty, DGSCA y FQ, UNAM wrote:
>> Amadeu, Javier (salut i forca, els catlans), Mark and all,
>> lucky that no member of the non-commercial constituency was yet around for
>> the WG-A report, eh? No rules broken, no conspiracy theory, tho.
>Ei, Alejandro,
>No, no reprsentatives form the non-commercail constituency were there...simply
>because the said consituency ahs not yet been approved. But...
>But Randy Bush, Kathy Kleiman and Favid maher, all of them actively involved
>in the prepartion of the consitunecy charter, and some of them acting as
>protoconsituency reps within the NC were involved.
>Another balloon lsoing air? ;-)


Considering you appear to hold quite a important position in the operation
of ICANN, your sarcastic, patronising and often demeaning comments towards
those who happen to not agree with your viewpoint are not appreciated. In
these circumstances I, quite frankly, find your attitude abhorrent.

I request that you treat those of us who are simply trying to ensure that
the ICANN structure is quickly evolved to that which was originally
envisaged, with the respect that we deserve.

I am sad that you consider opposing viewpoints as "list noise" that needs
to be reduced. Unfortunatly, this appears to be the "norm" with those who
have managed to gain control of ICANN and its functions.

Andrew P. Gardner
Support the Cyberspace Association, the constituency of Individual Domain
Name Owners http://www.idno.org