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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

On 6 August 1999, Amadeu Abril i Abril <Amadeu@nominalia.com> wrote:

> To be short and polite: each consituenct us free to carry its
>business as they prefer, unless this creates problems to the DNSO.

Ahhh....I see.  Please, be so kind as to explicate "create problems to
the DNSO".  I'd like to know the exact boundaries of behaivor for

>Pleae provide any evidence of a single complaint within any constituency
>regarding the question yu raise. If they felt representedd, and have no
>complaint, so should you be, Mark.

I'll see what I can do.

>Hell, Mark, you're happy not to be one of my law students ;-))

Yes, I am.

> Your interpretation leads to absolute unilateral veto power for each
>and every consituency by simply not "nominating" reps in the sense
>you imply. This could not be more antithetic to the whole DNSO and
>ICANN history, tradition and rule s.

Yes, it does.  However, that's what the ICANN bylaw states.  Either you
abide by it, or you don't.  Are you advocating obeying only those bylaws
one agrees with?

>Arfumentaton ad absurdum, no matter how well constructed, is the first thing
>law studnets learn to escape from. I guess this could also apply here.

I also hope they learn the proper spelling.  Since I am not a native
speaker of Latin, nor am I a lawyer or law student, I thought I'd take the
opportunity to learn a new phrase.  I can't find the term "arfumentaton ad
absurdum" anywhere.  I also tried "afurmentation", "arfumentation", 
"afumentaton", "Afumentation", ad nauseum.

Enlighten me:  Please tell me the corrent phrase so I can learn what
you mean by this.

Until then, if there's something dreadfully wrong with the letter of the
ICANN bylaws (and I don't see how the spirit deviates; that bylaw 
sets a minimum for participation -- constituency-chosen reps from
*every* constituency) then the bylaw should be changed.  However, until
and unless the bylaw is changed, you're obliged to abide by it, as is
everyone else.

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