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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

> Perhaps you would remember my answer to your repaeated claim: as the WG A
> had a rather mad short timeframe, and the nubmer of participants was not
> that large, the Co-Chairs decided that no one should serve in more than
> one sungroup. I proposed that, to be clear.


do not take this personally.  i happen to really like you.  but we can still

what is clear to many folk here, and will eventually be clear to you,
amadeu, ... is that this forcing and railroading of process, no matter how
well-meant or explainable, will just not work.  you can spend the time and
effort up front to build consensus and support, or you can crash and burn
later and have to go back and clean the whole mess up.  the former seems
harder at first, but takes less total time in the long run.  and the latter
leaves good folk like you and amadeu discouraged, burned out, ...

when the process is broken, you can fix it early or throw out the results
later.  wg-a chose the latter path.