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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Randy Bush wrote:
> > all those who have expressed an interest are in the WGs.
> i beg to differ.  my repeated attempts to join wg-a.1 were repeatedly
> refused.


I have a parial amendment to your statemnt:

You were a member of the WG A since second 1. You were in the subgroup b (I
remember this quite well...). 

Perhaps you would remember my answer to your repaeated claim: as the WG A had
a rather mad short timeframe, and the nubmer of participants was not that
large, the Co-Chairs decided that no one should serve in more than one
sungroup. I proposed that, to be clear.

So Peter Dengate Thrush,, who applied also for subgroup b, was aksed to focus
on subgroup a (as this ws his first preference). And you would have been free
to join any subgroup, provided that you were invlovled in just one of them.

Hence my partial amendment: you were not refused participation within subgroup
a. You were refused multiple particpation in myultiple subgroups. As e erybody
else (including myself, btw).

You are perfectly free to believe that this rule was stupid, unnecessary or
arbitrary. But you are not allowd to public martyrology nor are you allowed to
give the impression that you were refused anything.

Best regards,

Amadeu, trying to digest the lunch while answering some surprising GA mails.