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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Mark C. Langston wrote:

> [...snip!...]
> >
> >Any other violations of the bylaws you can think of? As our mailing list is
> >public and so are our meetings, they should be easy to spot.
> You mean, something like:  No DNSO Working Group has yet to meet the
> requirement of ICANN bylaws that every WG be comprised of at least one
> nominated representative from each constituency?
WG A comprised members form each and every consituency (many of them, in fact)
except for the gTLD Consituency. Their choice, btw. They had not complained
abut it (how could ehty?) they have comented the drafts, they have taken part
in the vote and htey have submitted comnets and partially dissenting opinions.
All rahter regular, nearly boring.

Oh, God, how difficlut must be spending the summer hunting for conspiracies ;-))

Met you in Santiago?

Best regards,

Amadeu, holding his breath while waitng to discover the next dark conspiracy.