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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

>As long as we're being stickers for the bylaws, may I also ask why Working
>Groups are making any recommendations the ICANN board (which is incomplete,
>unelected, interim and unnacountable, by the way)  on issues without
>representation of the non-commercial constituency.  Further, the other
>constituencies are only provisionally recognized by ICANN until they "amend
>their proposals to address deficiencies noted by the Board."

>From the ICANN Board Berlin resolution...

"FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Names Council representatives chosen by the
provisionally recognized Constituencies shall constitute the provisional
Names Council, with all the powers set forth in the Bylaws other than the
selection of Directors (pursuant to Section 2(e) of Article VI-B of the
Bylaws), which selection powers will be deferred until such time as the
Board determines it has made sufficient final recognitions. "

The Working groups do not make recommendations to the ICANN Board, it is
the Names Council who makes them, after receiving reports from working
groups if they have created them.

>The lack of a fully constituted Name Council with non-commercial
>representation and the provisional status of the remaining constituencies
>*invalidates* all the recommendations of the working groups.

Besides the fact that there are non-commercial observers in the Names
Council, non-commercial representatives participate as full members of all
working groups, without any limitation in number, all those who have
expressed an interest are in the WGs... where is the problem?