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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Generalisimo Sola and all,

  This of course would be an improper way to determine the Chair.
The Chair should be ELECTED by the DNSO GA...

Javier SOLA wrote:

> A new Names Council will be elected before the November meeting. I believe
> that they will be the ones to appoint their own DNSO Chair. It would not be
> proper for this provisional NC to impose a Chair on the definitive NC.
> Javier
> At 12:15 3/08/99 -0400, Bret A. Fausett wrote:
> >Javier SOLA wrote:
> >>Please show some respect for the bylaws and the consensus that they
> >>represent.
> >
> >As long as we're being sticklers for the bylaws, may I ask whether Nii
> >Quaynor has been elected chair for the Santiago meeting alone or the
> >entire year? The bylaws require an annual appointment.
> >
> >     -- Bret
> >


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