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RE: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Javier wrote,
+A new Names Council will be elected before the November meeting. I believe
+that they will be the ones to appoint their own DNSO Chair. It would not be
+proper for this provisional NC to impose a Chair on the definitive NC.

However there seems to be no problem for the NC to impose a UDRP on the
entire world with barely a nod to looking at whether this achieved any
consensus within the General Assembly, which is the yardstick by which
recommendations should be measured, according to the the DNSO bylaws.  We
know that a bare majority of NC members read the GA list.  I have seen
nothing articulated about how to measure a consensus within the General

Names Council members who vote for these recommendations from
hastily-arranged working groups are actually doing the positions they
support a serious disservice.  The recommendations will be discredited in
not too long a time - not necessarily because the recommendations themselves
are bad, but because the process of the working groups (too hasty), and more
especially the behavior of the Names Council (defensive, autocratic, and in
violation of the bylaws), will tarnish them badly.