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Re: [ga] Who will even know

On 4 August 1999, "Bret A. Fausett" <baf@fausett.com> wrote:

>Antony Van Couvering wrote:
>>Shouldn't NC members be required to read the General Assembly mailing list?
>Another issue is whether the consensus determining process, whatever it 
>may be, should include raising an issue at real-time GA meetings. That 
>might at least serve to confirm/disaffirm any idea about whether 
>consensus has been reached.

Only among those who can attend real-time GA meetings.  These will most
likely be those people funded to attend, since most members of the GA
have neither the time nor the money to spend attending physical GA

As such, physical GA meetings should not be viewed as representative
of the opinions of the entire GA.

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